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Permanent Ban / Unban Commands:

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- Muting should be used when players are spamming things in chat and annoying other players. Basically, if their in-game behavior is okay, but they're just blowing up chat too much, mute can be used. I would suggest a 10-15min mutes at a time.


- When it comes to player behavior try to follow this order of punishment: Verbal Warning > Kick > 24 hour Ban > Permanent Ban. The auto-kick for bad speech serves as punishment, so if the player rejoins just let them know we don't tolerate that kind of language. If they continue to say stuff to get kicked, then you can apply a 24hour ban. Exceptions to this would be players coming in and dropping hate speech words on purpose to get banned (you may permanent ban them right away). When a 24 hour ban is given out, we can all meet as leadership and decide if we want to upgrade it to permanent before the 24 hours expires.

- If the same player breaks two different rules, I would err on the side of giving them two different verbal warnings. However, if they are continually a problem player, than it would definitely warrant more repercussions.


- Also, use your discretion if it seems like a player is just salty/venting after a pvp fight. Giving out a second or third verbal warning is okay, especially if the player is a regular and it's not a habitual problem. Venting to one-self or to teammates in non-public Discord channels is totally okay, as long as the speech doesn't get go full blown racist/hate speech rant.


- Always try to verify in-game behavior yourself. Do not take the word of a single player as the evidence to apply punishment. If multiple people (especially players from different clans, and non-teammates) all have the same claim against someone, than that is a different story. When possible, if a player is having an issue with another player being toxic toward them, PM with the player so it's not in chat, and /TP to them, so you can try to witness it first hand.

- Lastly, admins should always be expected to swallow their pride if needed when dealing with toxic players. You have the power to ban and remove players, so there's no need to get into arguments or name calling. Just state the facts/rules, and you can let unhappy players know that if they we value players that want to be part of our community, that no one forced them to be here, and they're free to play the way they want on other servers.

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Before initiating a mute command, ensure the following:

  • Make sure you have entered the player’s name correctly, or use their Steam 64bit ID.

  • The player(s) you wish to mute MUST be online, otherwise, it will not take effect.

  • Muting the chat for players will not be broadcast to the server.

  • When a player is muted, the talking icon that appears on-screen will no longer appear when they attempt to speak.

  • When a player is muted, the text they enter will not show up in the global chat after pressing enter. Nor will it be seen in the server console.

All of the RUST mute commands can be issued from RCON platforms and the in-game console. Press the F1 key to open the in-game console and type in the specific mute command syntax listed below, then press enter.

mute "player_or_steamid"

unmute "player_or_steamid"


- Displays a list of everyone currently muted.

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Kick through F1 or RCON

Before initiating the RUST kick command:

  • The player to be kicked must be actively connected to the server, kicks do not prevent players from connecting.

  • Ensure the correct player name or Steam ID are being used

  • Kicking players by name will broadcast to the entire server.

  • Kicking players by SteamID will broadcast to the server, this is different behavior from the RUST ban command.

  • Provide a reason for the kick. It will save you from future headaches, especially when people undoubtedly seek to appeal the kick. The server’s active players will also want to know what offense was committed.

  • If the player being kicked has white space(s) in their name, be sure to use quotations, otherwise it will kick the first player it matches on.

The RUST kick command can be issued from the in-game console and RCON platforms. Press the F1 key to open the in-game console and type in the specific kick command syntax listed below, then press enter.

kick “player_name_or_steamid” “reason”

Kick through Battlemetrics

  1. In the Battlemetrics Dashboard, click the drop-down next to the player's name.


  3. Select Kick Player and fill out the reason for the kick in the box that pops up.

  4. Click kick.

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Temporary bans must be done through Battlemetrics.

  1. In the Battlemetrics Dashboard, click on a Player's name to go to their profile.

  2. Click the red Ban Player button in the top right.

  3. The "Banned on Server" doesn't really matter, but make sure the "Organization wide ban" checkbox is selected.

  4. Leave Auto-Add Enabled and Ban Sync disabled.

  5. Select a preset for ban length.

  6. Fill in a reason for the ban and make sure to include wording that says it's a temp ban for x-amount of hours in the reason.

  7. Deselect IP Address from Banned Identifiers

  8. Click Save Ban at the bottom.


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Permanent bans need to be done through RCON dashboard in Battlemetrics.

  • On main RCON Dashboard in Battlemetrics make sure top Server Commands bar is set correctly (clicking the gear icon on far left, all servers should be selected.

  • On far right of Server Commands bar, click the >_ so that the bar says "Raw mode. Use Ctrl + / to toggle raw command input."

  • If the command bar is blank and has two boxes instead of one, then it is set to chat mode and needs to be changed to raw mode.

  • All three fields of the banid command must be filled out with quotation marks included as well.

banid "SteamID" "Player Nickname" "Reason"

unban "SteamID"

  1. Use one of the above commands in the top server commands raw mode in Battlemetrics and click "Send to All Servers"

  2. This will ensure that the ban is saved in each server's bans.cfg file which is stored on each physical machine.

  3. Note that banning a player is banid and unbanning is just unban with no "id" portion in the command.

  4. If you screw up the syntax of the ban, forget quotations or mess up the nickname or reason, just do a quick unban and redo the ban correctly.

banlist - Use in F1 to show a current list of the bans.cfg file.

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iLakSkiL's Keybinds

  • bind delete ent kill

  • bind pause chat.say /radar

  • bind pagedown chat.say /nightvision

  • bind pageup ut.toggle

  • bind keypaddivide chat.say /padmin

  • bind keypadmultiply chat.say /god

  • bind keypadminus chat.say /vanish

  • bind keypadplus debug.noclip


  • /tp [player] -- Teleports yourself to the target player

  • /tp [player1] [player2] -- Teleports player1 to player2

  • /tp [x y z] -- Teleports you to the set of coordinates.

  • /tpl -- Shows a list of saved locations.

  • /tpl [name] -- Teleports you to a saved location.

  • /tpsave [name] -- Saves your current position as the location name.

  • /tpremove [name] -- Removes the location from your saved list.

  • /tpb -- Teleports you back to the place where you were before teleporting.

  • /home radius -- Find all homes in radius.

  • /town set -- Saves the current location as town.

  • /wipehomes -- Removes all homes.

Entity Owner

  • /prod -- Check ownership of entity you are looking at

  • /own -- Set ownership of entity you are looking at

  • /own all - Give yourself ownership of the entire structure (including deployables)

  • /own all [player_or_steamid] -- Give the specified player ownership of the entire structure (including deployables)

  • /unown all -- Remove ownership from an entire structure (including deployables)

  • /prod2 -- Check the ownership of the entire structure (including deployables)

  • /prod2 block -- Check the ownership of the structure (and only the structure)

  • /prod2 cupboard -- Check the authorization of nearby cupboards

  • /prod2 storage -- Check the ownership of nearby storage containers

  • /auth -- Check the authorization of the cupboard you are looking at

  • /auth cupboard -- List all players currently authorized on cupboard

  • /auth turret -- Check the authorization of the turret you are looking at

  • /auth [player_or_steamid] - Give authorization on cupboard you are looking at to target player

  • /auth cupboard [player_or_steamid] -- Give authorization on all nearby cupboards to target player

  • /auth turret [player_or_steamid] -- Give authorization on all nearby turrets to target player

  • /deauth [player_or_steamid] -- Remove authorization of cupboard you are looking at from target player

  • /deauth cupboard [player_or_steamid] -- Remove authorization of all nearby cupboards from target player

  • /deauth turret [player_or_steamid] -- Remove authorization of all nearby turrets from target player

Heli Control

  • /killheli

  • /killgibs

  • /killnapalm

  • /strafe [player_or_steamid] -- Tells the heli to strafe player's position.

  • /helidest [player_or_steamid] -- Tells the heli to start flying to this player's position.

Inventory Viewer

  • /viewinv [player_or_steamid]

  • /viewbackpack [player_or_steamid]

Server Rewards

  • /sr add [player_or_steamid] [amount] -- Add points to players profile

  • /sr take [player_or_steamid] [amount] -- Subtracts points from players profile

  • /sr clear [player_or_steamid] -- Removes the players reward profile

  • /sr check [player_or_steamid] -- Display the players points

Admin Radar

  • /radar

  • /radar vision -- Toggle showing what players are looking at.

  • /radar drops -- Show all dropped items within 150m, including bear traps and landmines

Box Looters (only on PvE and during Purge on PvPvE)

  • /box -- Retrieve information on the box you are looking at

  • /box help -- Display the help menu

  • /box id <number> -- Retrieve information on the specified box

  • /box near <opt:radius> -- Show current and destroyed boxes and their ID numbers within the specified radius

  • /box player <partialname/id> -- Retrieve loot information about a player

  • /box clear -- Wipe all box data

  • /box save -- Manually save box data

Raidable Bases

  • /rb grid -- see the grid and all monument names  

  • /rbe despawn -- despawn a base near you

  • /rbe despawnall -- despawn all bases

  • /rbe [basename] [difficulty] -- spawn a raid at the location you are looking at

  • /rbe expire [player_or_steamid] -- removes a lockout for a specific player

  • /rbe setowner [player_or_steamid] -- Sets the player as the owner of the raid

  • /rbe clearowner -- Clears the owner of the raid

Zombie Horde

  • /horde info -- Show information about current hordes on your server

  • /horde destroy [number] - Destroy the specified horde

  • /horde create -- Create a new horde on the closest valid point to your position. Creating hordes will bypass the horde limit set in config.


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Upcoming Wipes

April 20 /  Map Only

May 4 /  Map & BPs
May 18 / Map Only

Blue Collar Rust wipes every first, third and fifth Thursdays of each month.

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