Below are the specific rules for the BCR Heavy PvP server. They are also available in game using the /info command.

General Rules  •  Base Building  •  Trap Bases  •  Griefing
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- Overly aggressive behavior, bordering on harassment, will not be tolerated. This includes over-zealous door camping.


- Max PvP engagement and roam size, outside of compound walls, per group is 4. (see Group Sizes for more info).


- No traps or turrets may be placed outside of clearly walled off compounds or outside of buildings. No SAM sites may be used/loaded in any fashion before Purge. (see Traps / Turrets for more info)

- It is expressly against the rules to wait until a player disconnects in order to raid them during their offline protection delay. The delay is used to discourage players from immediately logging off when being raided. Players found abusing or exploiting the protection delay will be banned.

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- Players have a maximum number of entities they can place both globally, and per building. To check your limits, use the chat command, /blimit.


- Any players or groups found using any exploits or glitches to surpass their building limits, will be forced to downsize.


- We ask that large clans keep multiple large bases within close proximity of each other to a minimum. Tight clusters of large buildings creates for players when they approach and their game attempts to render the buildings.


- It is prohibited to wall off any monument, any section of a monument, or any public quarry.


- Players are not allowed to build within a compound of another player or clan unless they have permission from the owner. To claim an area, players must completely secure an area with external walls.


- Players are allowed to temporarily claim an area by creating a perimeter of external TC’s. The owner(s) have 48 hours in which other players cannot build within the perimeter. If external walls are not used to secure the area within 48 hours, then other players are allowed to build in any open areas within the perimeter of the external TC’s.

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- Trap Bases are allowed so long as there is no baiting involved, they have to be voluntarily found and entered (no vending machines, and no invitations over chat to lure players inside.


- Traps and Turrets cannot shoot outside of the trap base in any fashion. Players must remain safe until they cross the threshold/doorway of the trap base. Trap bases must follow the same rules as any normal player built base.


- If you enter any base that is not yours, without an invitation, your safety is your responsibility. Admins will not help anyone stuck in a base, or help them get their loot.


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- Any building or use of deployables to intentionally create lag is prohibited.


- Players are not allowed to build in such a way that impedes other players' existing structures, compounds, or bases. Players need to be able to freely enter/leave their compound on foot. This includes building or placing walls/gates around another player's base/compound, with the intention of surrounding or semi-encircling the base/compound.


- Players/Clans may build one structure outside of someone else's base in prep for raiding during Purge, so long as it does not break any part of the above rule. Admins have the discretion to remove any structures, without warning, that break griefing rules.


- Players/Clans may build multiple “Purge prep” bases at different enemy compounds across the map, but they are limited to only one prep base at each compound. Clans are not allowed to build multiple structures around a single enemy compound/base.

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- Clan sizes are limited to a maximum of 8 members.


- Players are not allowed to roam outside of their base/compound in groups larger than four. This includes any allies, friends, or anyone providing any type of support. If a player is aiding a group in any fashion, they will be counted toward their group limit.


- Clans may defend their compound up to the maximum clan size of 8. However, This ruling is for DEFENSE only. Any group that engages in a raid or an offensive attack will need to remain within the four-person limit, regardless if they have members inside their base/compound that are within range to attack.


- Only new players to Rust are allowed to spectate with groups. Teammates or friends are not allowed to spectate if they exceed the four-person limit. Spectators cannot contribute toward PvP in any fashion, to the extent of being killed without defending themselves; no spotting, no fighting, no raiding. Spectators have to hide or flee during any PvP, and players must communicate that they have a spectator with them.

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- Traps and turrets within a personal base or compound are acceptable, however some rules apply:


- Turrets can not shoot players walking or riding by your compound or base. This includes walking/riding on cliffsides or rocks. Wall gaps must be closed off and cannot shoot players walking/riding by


- Turrets can shoot players that are building up (Twigging), laddering, boosting (climbing on top of other players/horses) and flying by.


- Turrets must only be used to defend the interior spaces once a player enters your compound/base and/or attempts to land on your roof.


- Turrets/traps that shoot players using vending machines is not tolerated and will be treated as baiting.


- Turrets/traps can not be placed out in the open and must be placed as defined above.


- Defense bases built within an NPC Raidable Base zone are the only exception to the above regulations.


- Sam sites can be placed but must remain off or unloaded until purge.


- Administrators will remove any offending turrets, traps and or SAM sites. Players will not be reimbursed.


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- Some NPC Bases will spawn randomly across the map. A message will appear in chat when you encounter one. These bases are made of all HQM and are designed to discourage foundation wiping.


- Group limits are enforced at all NPC Bases. They are all public, and counters are allowed.


- Players are allowed to build bases next to NPC Bases to help defend their raid from counters. Turrets are allowed to be outside to guard the raid, so long as they only shoot players that are near the NPC Base.


- NPC Bases will despawn 60 minutes after the TC has been destroyed/looted. Additionally, any structures built within the area AFTER the NPC Base has spawned, will despawn with the zone.


- In addition to the random NPC Bases that appear on the map, players can purchase an NPC Base to spawn near their location. The commands are available through the /s store.

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- During Purge, the entire map becomes PvP and rules regarding turrets, traps, camping and griefing are waived.


- During Purge rules regarding behavior, exploits, cheating, etc, will still be enforced. Group size limits and roaming limits will still be enforced as well.


- Purge is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. (ET) on the Tuesday preceding the first and third Thursday of each month ending with server wipe.


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Upcoming Wipes

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Blue Collar Rust wipes every first and third Thursdays of each month.


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