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Below are the specific rules for the BCR Lite PvE server. They are also available in game using the /info command.

Looting& Public Events  •  Base Building & Griefing  • Vehicle Licenses •  Group Sizes

Traps & Turrets  •  Raidable & Abandoned Bases  •  End of Wipe


- Stealing from other players is prohibited. Using any exploits to circumvent the anti-looting system will result in a ban. Players can share items using the /share {player} command, or through the clan system.


- World events such as public Patrol Helicopters, the Bradley APC at Launch Site, the Cargo Ship, Supply Drops, Hackable Crates, and NPC Bases are all first-come, first-serve. The loot at those events is open for anyone to take. We however ask players not to hoard them and constantly be the same ones to take them.


- Patrol Helicopter crash sites spawn two Heavy Scientists, while Bradley crash sites spawn three. These Heavies have a small chance to drop their M249 along with other items.


- It is not possible to disable looting from public Quarries, Pump Jacks and the Giant Excavator, we ask players use the honor system when utilizing these resources. We also ask players do not hog them and allow others to use them as well.


- As a general rule, the player or team that does the vast majority of damage to a patrol helicopter or Bradley is entitled to the loot, not just the player that did the final blow. If more than one group teams up, we ask that they share the loot between the groups.


- Personal patrol helicopters purchased through the /s Store, will be tied to the specific player and their team. The loot from those will not be able to be looted by anyone else.

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Public Events

Base Building & Land Claiming

- Players have a maximum number of entities they can place both globally, and per building. To check your limits, use the chat command, /blimit.


- Any players or groups found using any exploits or glitches to surpass their building limits, will be forced to downsize.


- We ask that large clans keep multiple large bases within close proximity of each other to a minimum. Tight clusters of large buildings creates for players when they approach and their game attempts to render the buildings. 


- It is prohibited to wall off any monument, any section of a monument, or any public quarry.


- Players are not allowed to build within a compound of another player or clan unless they have permission from the owner. To claim an area, players must completely secure an area with external walls.


- Players are allowed to temporarily claim an area by creating a perimeter of external TC’s. The owner(s) have 48 hours in which other players cannot build within the perimeter. If external walls are not used to secure the area within 48 hours, then other players are allowed to build in any open areas within the perimeter of the external TC’s.



- Any building or use of deployables to intentionally create lag is prohibited.


- Players are not allowed to build in such a way that impedes other players' existing structures, compounds, or bases. Players need to be able to freely enter/leave their compound on foot. This includes building or placing walls/gates around another player's base/compound, with the intention of surrounding or semi-encircling the base/compound.

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Base Building & Griefing

- Vehicles obtained with the /buy command stay with the player for the entire wipe. Players may despawn (/kill) and recall them at will. However, there is a short cooldown after despawning a vehicle that players must wait before spawning the vehicle again.


- Other players are allowed to enter any vehicle, but only owners or their clanmates/teammate may enter the driver’s seat.  


- Owners can recall or despawn the vehicle even if other players are sitting in it or using it.


- Vehicles do not decay, but they may despawn after an extended period of being unused.

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Vehicle Licenses
Group Sizes

- Clan sizes are limited to a maximum of 8 members. This is the maximum that Rust allows to be in a team at one time.

- Players are free play in any group size they wish. However, we ask that larger groups allow smaller groups and solo players an equitable opportunity to do events and run monuments without impediment.

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- Player deployed traps and turrets will not target other players on the server.


- Auto-turrets and traps will target and damage NPCs. Players can put up turrets and traps for the sole purpose of killing NPCs. However, placing them randomly throughout the map is prohibited. All traps and turrets must be placed along or on player’s bases.


- Personal SAM sites have been removed from the server due to them being unnecessary. The SAM sites at Launch Site, however, will shoot at any players attempting to fly in.

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Traps / Turrets

Raidable Bases:
- Raidable Bases will spawn randomly across the map. They will have a visible bubble around them and there will also be markers on the map for each base's location. These bases are made of all HQM and are designed to discourage foundation wiping.


- All NPC Bases are PvE and the base along with the loot will be tied to the player/team that does first damage to it. Countering NPC Bases is not possible.


- Players can also purchase Raid Bases in the /s store under Commands. Purchased raids are can only be raided by the purchaser and their clan/teammates. After a successful purchase, the player will receive a message in chat indicating where the base has spawned. It might not always be right next to the player.


- Raidable Bases will despawn 60 minutes after the TC has been destroyed/looted. Additionally, any structures built within the area AFTER the Raidable Base has spawned, will despawn with the zone.

Abandoned Bases:

 - To help clean up old entities and bases of players not returning, bases in which it's owners have been offline for more than 96 hours (four days) will become Abandoned and can be raided.


- All members authorized on a bases TC are counted toward the offline timer. Only one member needs to log on to reset the timer.


- Any sleepers remaining inside of Abandoned Bases are able to be killed.


- Sleepers in public spaces will be automatically killed after being offline for 96 hours


- Server Donors are exempt from all Abandoned Base limitations. Their bases will never become abandoned, regardless of how long they stay offline.

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NPC Bases

- There is no Purge set on this server. PvE rules will extend up until wipe.


- End of wipe events may take place during the final two days of the wipe. We encourage the community to give us feedback on what type of events they would like to see.


- Join our Discord to give your input about what you would like to see!

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End of Wipe

Upcoming Wipes

Nov. 30 /  Map Only

Dec. 7 /  Map & BPs
Dec. 21 / Map Only

Blue Collar Rust wipes every first, third and fifth Thursdays of each month.

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