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BCR Mid-April Update

Wanted to update folks on a few updates to the Blue Collar Rust servers for the upcoming Mid-April wipe.

If you haven't seen it yet, a new page with all of the plugin commands that players can use on BCR servers has been created under the "Community" tab.

Both servers will be moving to a 4250-sized map, which will allow the newly added railroad system to spawn on our maps. With the addition of the above-ground railroad system, Work Carts have been added to the Vehicle License /buy command. Work Carts will cost 3000 RP and can be spawned while near any above or below ground railroad.

The system for /VoteDay and /VoteNight has been overhauled. No more will players be stuck with a cycle of inclement weather. Using the new system to change the time to Day or Night will advance the in-game clock, which will also progress the weather patterns.

Because players now have the ability to progress the weather patterns, a new command has been added, /weather, which will display the current and upcoming weather for the server. Use this to help you decide if you would like to progress the Day or Night depending on your favored weather type.

An additional change has been made to how thrown explosives can be interacted with on BCR servers. Previously, satchels and bean cans would never dud, they would always explode. That will no longer be the case, as they will both be able to dud again.

However, all thrown explosives (i.e. Satchels, C4, Bean Cans, and F1 grenades) can be shot to make them explode before their timer/fuse expires. Duds can also be shot to make them explode as well. Be careful though while raiding, as others will be able to shoot your explosives to make them detonate as well!

Example of Shoot To Detonate explosives:

In an attempt to address fresh spawns spawning into compounds, we have installed a plugin that will help randomize player spawns across the map, instead of restricting them to one specific area. If the problem continues to arise, we will look at other ways of fixing the issue, but this should hopefully solve the problem.

Lastly, we are looking at ways to improve the PvP / Raiding on the Original PvPvE server. We are currently testing the removal of all group limits during the end-of-wipe Purge. We are also asking for player feedback in regards to group limitations and what people would like to see or change, if any. Please visit our Discord and take time to vote on the options we have present, and/or to leave feed back in our text channel for the server.


Upcoming Wipes

April 20 /  Map Only

May 4 /  Map & BPs
May 18 / Map Only

Blue Collar Rust wipes every first, third and fifth Thursdays of each month.

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