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BCR Store and custom skins!

I excited to announce the launch of the Blue Collar Rust Store! You can find a link to in on our new website, or you can go directly to

What this entails for the majority of you: nothing really special yet. This will help automate the activation of trial VIPs and purchased VIP. It will automatically do it without me having to do it manually each time, especially helpful for when people buy VIP when I’m sleeping.

I am making it so that anyone can claim Trial VIP through the store, it’s free to redeem. However, it will only last for the wipe that it’s redeemed, and user’s can only redeem twice in a lifetime.

As I mentioned before, VIP Membership will now make it so that your Workbench range extends throughout your entire base (you must have a TC placed before the workbench for it to work properly). Additionally, I have added an extra perk for Paid VIP Members only (sorry trial), once every 24 hours, you can use the /vip command in chat to redeem free 2,500 RP points! Still no refunds when two people buy day at the same time though (still hoping that can be changed).

The store also brings something new with it, a Monthly Donor package. It’s a $5/month subscription, and it will unlock a very SPECIAL kit that you can claim once per wipe. The kit contains some basic essentials to get a starter base down fast at the start of wipe, but the most exciting thing it contains is custom skins that I made! They will only be available in the Donor kits, and won’t be in the skinbox; so it’s a cool way to show off that you’re helping keep the server up and running!

With the addition of the Monthly Donor package, and the permanent extension of the Trial VIP program, I have reworked the player name colors in global chat. New members will show up as BCR Blue, Trial VIP members will show up as Bronze, paid VIP Members will be Silver, and Monthly Donors will be Gold. Admins will continue to show up as red, and moderators will now be salmon.

There will be more news to come in the future, but this should be the start to a great wipe that will see someone win an awesome prize at the end of the month!


Upcoming Wipes

April 20 /  Map Only

May 4 /  Map & BPs
May 18 / Map Only

Blue Collar Rust wipes every first, third and fifth Thursdays of each month.

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