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Blue Collar Rust to have a new look in September!

Blue Collar Rust is excited to announce a myriad of upcoming updates to the community; highlighted by the launching of a second server, a full PvE – 2x server that will be branded Blue Collar Rust Lite. The server will go live on the night of Sept. 1 for early community feedback before the forced wipe on Sept. 3.

The launch of the BCR Lite will also coincide with some new changes and updates to the original BCR hybrid PvPvE server. In addition, the RP system will be completely revamped. However, our main mission goals will remain the same; to provide a toxic-free community for working adults, and a place where players can take time off from the game without worrying about having to start over. Specific details on both servers may change due to community feedback, but the general idea will remain.

With the announcement of a second server, VIP memberships and Donor memberships will apply to both servers, and any potential future servers (none are in the works as of now).

We are also pleased to announce a more established Mission Statement, Values and Goals for Blue Collar Rust. The idea is to provide a foundation for what people can expect from Blue Collar Rust as we look to continually better our community and grow into the future.

Quick TL;DR before getting into the meat of things:

Mission Statement, Values and Goals

- We love our community!

- We want to provide the best experience out there for working adults.

A new PvE Server!

- For those who want a more relaxed experience

- 2x gather, more vanilla loot table

- More Zombies

- Will include PvP and Arena Zones

Changes to hybrid PvPvE Server

- For those who want more risk and action, while maintaining our standards for behavior

- 4x gather rate to help entities, again.

- PvP everywhere, but no base damage

- Will have PvE community zone

Revamped RP System

- In-game nighttime bonus RP!

Expansion of Online Store to launch Sept. 3


Mission Statement

Blue Collar Rust (BCR) is committed to providing an entertaining, non-toxic, and inclusive gaming environment for working adults, who might not be able to play as uninterruptedly as other gamers. Players of any age are free to join, but working adults will always be our prioritized demographic. BCR is committed to building and growing an engaged community of players without the toxicity that so often plagues the gaming community.

Values and Goals

• Blue Collar Rust recognizes that it would not exist without the community of players that call BCR home. In that, we also recognize that we must adapt and grow along with the community, and in doing so will always listen to our community for ways to improve our service.

• We will always value the priorities of real-life demands over those found in the virtual world. We view video games as a hobby and recreational pursuit; not something that should be taken too seriously.

• Our main goal is to provide a non-toxic, entertaining, and optimized playing environment for our players.

• Toward providing a non-toxic environment, BCR does not tolerate language that is intolerant toward any player; whether that be related race, creed, sexuality, gender, marital status, political ideology, or any other factor. We also understand it’s human nature to get upset at times, and we allow for players to vent frustration so long as it does not include non-tolerated language, harassment of other players, or grow into a pattern of toxic behavior.

• Toward providing an entertaining environment, BCR continually pursues new additions that will benefit players’ experience on the servers. This includes but is not limited to: securing new plugins; adding new builds to NPC bases; and hosting server events.

• Toward providing an optimized environment, BCR strives to maintain a balance between player experience and the performance of the physical server. BCR relies on numerous plugins to provide the player experience found on its server, and therefor issues with poorly coded or outdated plugins will always be a potential issue. When issues arise, we will err on the side of optimized performance of the server, over individual plugins.


Introducing Blue Collar Rust Lite | PvE | 2x

BCR Lite will be geared toward PvE players who want a little slower game pace, and will feature things such as: no player or base damage; increased zombie presence; no looting of other people’s items or dropped inventory; NPC bases that are tied to the first attackers. All the quality of life enhancements that are a part of the original hybrid PvPvE server will also be maintained in BCR Lite.

The loot table will have a vanilla feel too it with a simple doubled item amount and gather rates will be set at 2x. Stack sizes have been customized and most items will stack more than double than vanilla allows, but not as nearly as high as the stacks on the hybrid PvPvE server. For instance, items that never stack on vanilla will stack to 10, and resources like wood, stone and ore will stack to 5,000. Furnaces and recyclers will operate at double speed.

SamSites will be removed from the loot table and vending machines since they are not needed. Auto Turrets will not target players, but they should still target zombies.

Overall, BCR Lite will feature general PvE-type rules. Players will not be allowed to loot boxes at public events such as Bradley and Attack Heli that were completed by other players. If people want to share loot, that is up to their own discretion. Personal Attack Helis will remain tied to the players that called it, so there will be no chance of people stealing that loot.

Lastly, for those PvE’ers that want to dabble in PvP, or to practice, or to just have fun with friends time to time. The server will feature a full PvP zone, and an Arena zone; both of which will be clearly identified. The PvP zone will allow players to test raid builds, or to engage in any kind of mutual PvP battles that they wish. The Arena zone will feature a small paintball-like building spawned in; in which player damage will be turned on, but base damage will not (to protect the structure itself). The Arena Zone will be for those who want to engage in a little more of an organized team vs team battle. Any camping of the zones for kills will not be tolerated and grounds for immediate removal from the server.


Changes to the Hybrid Blue Collar Rust PvPvE Server

The original hybrid PvPvE server will be re-geared toward those who want a little faster pace of play and want more of a PvP challenge, while remaining within the community standards of Blue Collar Rust. More risk equals more reward.

The server will be toned back to a 4x gather rate in another effort to reign in the high entity count. Most 5x modded servers, that feature a PvE element, usually wipe once a week, or even twice a week. If we did this, we wouldn’t have to worry about entities, but it would divert from our goal to provide a place where people can leave for a day or two and come back. The loot table and stack sizes will remain the same.

Besides reducing the gather rate from 5x to 4x, the biggest change to the server will be the elimination of PvP zones and making the entire map PvP enabled. However, base damage will still be disabled, except for Heli damage. This way players can feel free to log off in their base and know that they will be able to return later without losing a beat, allowing for enough upkeep in their TC of course. We will be enforcing a STRICT no door camping policy with this change. However, this allows players more freedom in defending their outside resources such as furnaces and refineries, because now they can kill looters.

However, we will be enforcing the same rules with regards to Traps and Turrets. They will not be damageable, so they need to remain solely in private spaces. The same rules on looting and stealing will remain in effect.

Eliminating PvP zones is an effort to eliminate the issues that have been plaguing the server recently, with players taking or not taking damage in appropriate situations.

Additionally, in how BCR Lite will feature a PvP zone, this server will feature a PvE zone for those who want a place to role-play safely. It will include the prebuilt Town and allow a much larger radius for others to build without having to worry about PvP. Camping the PvE zone for killing players will be strictly forbidden and grounds for immediate removal from the server.

The three-person rule for PvP engagement will now be enforced more strictly. Clan limits will remain at eight, but groups must be three or less when leaving their compound or base. Clans may have different three-person groups go to different areas on the map, but individual groups must remain as three or less. This also includes any kind of ancillary support. If a player is aiding a group in PvP any fashion, they count toward the number of people in that group. However, the rule for group limits on base defense only will remain the same.

NPC Bases will continue to be featured on the server, but with no more zones, it should stop the issues of invalid PvP logging. All NPC Bases, both random and paid, will remain full PvP for anyone to steal and counter.


Revamped RP Points System

The RP points system has been revamped and will roll out on both servers for the Sept. 3 wipe. The points awarded on individual items has been readjusted to make gameplay more equitable. The Server Store (/s) has also been adjusted as well. Paid VIP members will continue to earn double RP points on both servers.

The biggest change is the addition of Bonus RP during the nighttime in the game. Between the in-game hours of 20-6, all players will receive a bonus of 1.5x RP. This will also multiply the already double rate for paid VIP members, as they can now earn triple RP during the night. The RP system checks every 30 seconds to see if the in-game time is between 20-6, and therefore might not start or end directly on those marks. If night or day is purchased in the store, the corresponding change in Extra RP may take up to 30 seconds to come into effect as well.


Expansion of the Online Store

The online store will feature numerous additions for the Sept. 3 update. There will be a new RP Store, which will provide players RP points for both servers with the same purchase. There will also be an Items Store that allows players to buy certain non-PvP items and Sever Events for the server of their choosing. The idea is to keep the hybrid PvPvE server from being “pay to win,” as none of the items that are purchasable for the hybrid server will give a direct PvP advantage. Lastly, there will be a BCR Lite Server only store, in which more items will be available for purchase for that server only. The idea being, there really is no “winning” against other players on a pure PvE server.


Upcoming Wipes

Nov. 30 /  Map Only

Dec. 7 /  Map & BPs
Dec. 21 / Map Only

Blue Collar Rust wipes every first, third and fifth Thursdays of each month.

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