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Feb. 18 update and Announcements

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Big updates this week for Blue Collar Rust as there are some exciting changes and announcements to address!

Changes to PvPvE Server

BCR is making multiple changes to address the performance issues and high entity count that has plagued the server in recent wipes.

Most notably, the PvPvE server will be moving to a 2x gather rate. In addition, stack sizes for resources for things such as wood, stone, and metal fragments will be lowered to 25,000. The loot table will remain the same for the PvPvE server, with the exception that scrap and component amounts will be lowered accordingly from 4x to 2x.

There will also be additional limits on certain deployables to help reduce the amount of unnecessary entities.

Zombies, NPCs, and Hordes will have some tweaks to them. The biggest change will be that Karen will now spawn a hackable crate upon death on the PvPvE server, and that will trigger the creation of a 15-min PvP zone around her dead body.

A full log of changes will be listed at the bottom of this post.

With the changes in stack sizes to the PvPvE server, we will be copying those stack sizes over to the PvE server, which will mean a substantial increase in stack sizes compared to the older ones.

Lite PvE Server Migrating Hosts

The PvE server will be migrating hosts. Because of this players will need to re-add the server to their Favorites. Players can connect directly to it through the F1 console by typing, connect

New Rule Interpretation for Iceberg Bases

Because icebergs are completely isolated from the rest of the mainland, players will no longer be required to use high external walls to claim the area on an iceberg, or to protect others from turrets.

To claim an iceberg, players just need to place a single TC and they can claim the entire iceberg and have 48 hours to build a proper base. If a micro-base or single TC sits there for longer than 48 hours, other players can claim the iceberg.

Once an iceberg is claimed, other players cannot build on it without the permission of the owner. However, this does not include any floating ice sheets on the water level below.

Iceberg bases do NOT need to have high external walls. Turrets can freely shoot on the iceberg. The ruling is that players walking around on the ground outside of a base need to be safe from turrets inside a compound. However, icebergs are so far removed from random fresh spawns stumbling across them, and there is no way to walk to an iceberg. If you see an iceberg and you think there are turrets at it, boat or fly around it.

Updates to Online Store

There will be some new packages added to the online store this week. In addition, weapons, ammo and attire purchases will now be eligible for the PvPvE server. The only purchase that will remain as a PvE only option is the CH47 Chinook vehicle license.

Rebranding and upcoming PvP server

Lastly, we’re excited to announce that a full PvP server with offline raid protection is expected to launch in early to mid March. The full details haven’t been set in stone yet, but it will be a 2x gather rate with the same loot table as the PvPvE server. Players will be free to engage in PvP anywhere on the map, and online raiding will be enabled. Offline raid protection will be extended for 48 hours, after which a base will become raidable if none of the clan members have been online within that time.

The server will be under-works in a pre-release mode during February, and Donors will be allowed to have access to the server to help with the testing and development of it.

With the addition of a third server, and all three servers featuring a 2x gather rate, there will be a slight rebranding of the server names. The community will still be Blue Collar Rust, but to save space in the actual names of the servers, ‘BCR’ will now be used instead.

In addition the three servers will take on these names:

BCR Lite - PvE

BCR Original - PvPvE

BCR Heavy - PvP

Change Log for Feb. 18

- Additional Entity Limits per player (turned off during purge)

- Tool Cupboards: 7

- Hitch and Trough: 2

- Pookie Bear: 20

- Auto Turret: 10

- Sam Site: 4

- Zombie Hordes

- Will only spawn at Tier 1 monuments

- Less Roaming Range from original spawn

- Speed by 120%

- Damage increased from 60% to 100%

- Increased max number of Hordes from 6 to 10.

- Murderers, Scientists and Karens

- Removed Zombie Chads

- Removed murderers

- Blue scientists spawn only at Tier 2 or 3 monuments including airfield now.

- Karen drops hackable crate and creates PvP zone (Original PvPvE server only)

- Raidable Bases Loot Table

- Decreased sizes of resources given

- RP Store

- Removed Buy Horse

- Quick Smelt

- Smelting time reduced from 5x to 2x (Original PvPvE server only)

- Loot Table

- Lowered components and scrap from 4x to 2x (Original PvPvE server only)

- Stack Sizes

- Things that stacked at 100k now stack to 25k

- HQM stacks to 5k

- Imported PvPvE stack sizes for all others to the PvE server

- Welcome Messages

- No longer display reason for player disconnect.


Upcoming Wipes

Nov. 30 /  Map Only

Dec. 7 /  Map & BPs
Dec. 21 / Map Only

Blue Collar Rust wipes every first, third and fifth Thursdays of each month.

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