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Ocean Update (Aug. 5)

The forced update on Aug. 5 will bring a lot new content to the game. Submarines, torpedoes, underwater monuments, and fishing will be added to Rust.

Here is what is known so far about the underwater aspect:

- There will be two types of Submarines, a solo and a duo.

- Submarines are purchased at Fishing Villages (solo = 200 scrap, duo = 300 scrap)

- There are two types of torpedoes (direct and surface).

- Spearguns have been added. Crafting: 200 wood, 75 metal, and 2 rope.

- Underwater Labs will be procedurally generated.

- Labs will have loot including green, blue, and red puzzle rooms (and new looks to loot boxes).

- Tunnel Dwellers will inhabit the labs.

- Most labs have a vending machine with various clothing items.

- You can dive to a lab with scuba gear.

- Sharks may be added in, but unsure of their behavior or how players may interact with them yet.

Fishing Update:

To get started, grab a trusty fishing rod and some bait (fish, meat, or the like) then head to the water. Cast off by holding right mouse, aiming, the clicking left mouse button. From there just watch the bobber for a nibble.

Once you’ve got something on the line you’ll have to put up a delicate fight to reel the sucker in. This is done with three keys: A and D for left and right, S to reel it in. Do so gently, however, as your line can snap and you’re out a fish and a piece of bait.

If you do manage to reel it in just right, you’ll be treated with one of any type of the new catchable fish including herring, salmon, sardine, anchovies, yellow perch, and brown trout. There are also apparently rare fish planned which will likely require a higher quality bait - more info on this as it becomes available. You can catch non-fish also as certain junk will sometimes show up on your line. So far these items include tarp, fins, and a bucket.

- Fishing Rods are not a default blueprint

- They cost 10 rope and 100 wood to craft

- There are a ton of new types of fish. You can gut them for resources like raw fish and animal fat

- Small Sharks can be caught and have random things (like flares) in their belly along with the resources

Lastly, a new official map is coming with the update next week! Winner of the map making contest. Once Gravis Island is released for non-official servers to host, we will look into adding it to the rotation of maps, along with adding Hapis Island if it is returned as well.


Upcoming Wipes

Nov. 30 /  Map Only

Dec. 7 /  Map & BPs
Dec. 21 / Map Only

Blue Collar Rust wipes every first, third and fifth Thursdays of each month.

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