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Sept. 17 Updates: Wipe Day, Hype Day!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

After listening to community feedback, and the unexpected drop in community involvement over both servers after the Sept. 3 update, the 4x PvPvE server will be reverting to having PvP Zones at Monuments. The server will be utilizing a different set of plugins to operate the zones in hopes of it being more efficient and sustainable. More details on the specifics are explained further in the release.

On a more exciting note, we pleased to announce that expansion of the online store to now include Wipe Day Bundles and Skin Packs. In addition to the expansion of the online store, Donors will now receive a free minicopter license during each wipe, and the Donor kit will contain three large boxes custom made specifically for Blue Collar Rust.

Wipe Day Bundles will only be purchasable during the first 48 hours of a new wipe. The bundles include items packaged together at a discount to help get players up and running right from the start of wipe. There are four Wipe Day Bundles: Starter Base, Ore & Oil, Research & RP, and Vehicles.

The Starter Base bundle includes all the items you need to get a great starter base together and includes the special new BCR large wooden box skins and an even more special “Wipe Day, Hype Day” Neon Sign to show off to your neighbors. The Ore & Oil bundles includes one pumpjack, one mining quarry, 50 survey charges, one large furnace and one oil refinery. The Research & RP bundle includes one research table, 2,000 scrap, and 5,000 RP. The Vehicles bundle gives the player both a minicopter and RHIB license.

The store will also include three new Skin Packs, each with its own distinctive theme: Anime, Galaxy/Retro, and Merica. These packs include six items each, with skins applied to them that players cannot get through the SkinBox system. As more BCR custom skins are created and added, a new pack just for those will be added at a future date.

Donor Additions

The Monthly Donors will be given access to a /donor command that will give them a minicopter license without needed to spend RP. The Donor Kit will be given the three large wooden boxes with the custom BCR skins as well.

Updates to 4x PvPvE server

For the Sept. 17 wipe, we will be reverting to having PvP zones at all the major monuments on the map, including Airfield. NPC Raidable Bases will still exist in their current function. However, we will be making all the PVP zones larger than before and they will all have a visible dome to them as well.

There will be the 60 second PvP delay when exiting a zone, so people line camping will be punished in the fact that they will still be able to take damage when they back out, but will be unable to deal damage back into the zone. In addition, when players exit any PvP area, they will be given a 60-second combat block that will prevent them from Teleporting.

For those interested in the specifics, the server will be utilizing NextGenPVE to control the governing functions of PvP and PvE behavior on the server. Previously, we were using TruePVE, which uses a .json file to store its data. NextGenPVE uses SQL database files to store its data, and hopefully this helps create a better performing, and more sustainable, system than before.

All Patrol Helicopter crashes will create a PvP zone and can be countered. This includes personal helis too. The benefit behind a Personal Heli is that you are guaranteed to take it down, but you may need to still fight for the loot.

Other changes of note

- All tool cupboards will automatically have a codelock placed on them.

- Entity limits will be increased for Pumpjacks and Quarries.

- Plants will now produce 2x/4x server appropriate amounts of seeds and clones. (the hope is to keep farms as small as possible, by not requiring people to build bigger for more clones).

Upcoming Maps for Sept. 17 Wipe BCR 4x PvPvE -

BCR Lite 2x PvE -


Upcoming Wipes

Nov. 30 /  Map Only

Dec. 7 /  Map & BPs
Dec. 21 / Map Only

Blue Collar Rust wipes every first, third and fifth Thursdays of each month.

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